They don't displace your teeth or break your bones when you turn the ignition anymore. But their UVs are still crude by today's standards. However, they are good value, hardy and ideal for our kind of roads. Local builders, cronies of politicians love them most.

  • Bolero

    Dinosaur bones, but surprisingly competent. Cheap, rugged but cramped.

  • e2o

    India's only battery powered car.

  • KUV

  • Quanto

    Mahindra has a go at turning an MPV into an SUV

  • Scorpio

    Ever-improving SUV offers great value, and excellent practicality for India.

  • Thar

    Old school SUV with a go anywhere attitude.

  • Verito

    Spacious, solid and comes with mouth watering price tags.

  • Verito Vibe

    Mahindra’s first take at a compact car. What? You thought it’ll be a hatchback?

  • XUV 500

    Mahindra has launched yet another SUV... umm, make that an XUV.

  • Xylo

    Mahindra's MPV has got a mid-life makeover. Better-looking face now with a host of engine options to choose from.