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16 February 2012

Mahindra Xylo review

Loads of new features and a slight improvement in performance

Girish Karkera
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When Mahindra launched the Xylo in 2009, it was said to be a desi take of the popular Toyota Innova. It wasn't Mahindra's first foray into the MPV segment (recall the disastrous Voyager?) But the Xylo was a sort of their reboot in the segment.

Nevertheless the Xylo did reasonably well without upsetting Toyota's applecart. But the segment is going to see some great action year, as we all noticed at the Auto Expo with Nissan, Chevy and even Maruti waiting to jump into the fray. So naturally, it was time for Xylo to get a mid-life makeover. The good news is, Mahindra has done most of it right.

Let's start with the new face - still in the family but good looking with a wider and more conventional-looking grille. The bumpers are mostly untouched but with some plastic add-ons. Overall the dimensions and shape remain the same.

The more noticeable change, however, is in the new Xylo's performance. Mahindra now gives an entire range of engines - from the Bolero's  to the Scorpio's mHawk diesel for the Xylo. The current mEagle engine stays for the mid-range models. The top-of-the-line Xylo is now much quicker as a result - dashes from 0 to 100kph in under 13.5 seconds which is great for highway overtaking. Steering is still a bit vague and there's very little that Mahindra seems to have done here. Ride is exemplary as always, and dynamics seem to have improved although we still don't advise it as a replacement for your weekend fun car.

Equipment is a lot to talk about. There is everything from in-built music system, Bluetooth, parking sensors and steering controls for music and telephone. There's even cruise control. Everything short of a sat nav or climate control is available, which is a bit odd considering the Xylo remains mostly a personal MPV than a taxi unlike some of its competitors.

Prices haven't gone up much, which is always good news.

The overall verdict remains unchanged on the new Xylo. It is however, a better looking MPV now and even faster, which works well for the entire family. Enough said.

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