Mahindra Drive

02 March 2013

The Mundgod drive: Day four

We go for a drive around Hampi, to discover more about this historic town
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We may not be the healthiest bunch out there, but we do believe in giving the Bolero Stinger a good morning workout. A terrain this good practically calls for it.

Hampi is an archeologists dream. You encounter a temple, or a historical structure on every turn. This particular one, next to the underground Shiv temple looks practically Egyptian.

Among the rocky landscapes and ruins you can find stray temples like these all around the town in Hampi.

Hampi is full of roads that wrap around ancient structures and rock formations. The roads themselves are great to drive on, unlike the bumpy roads you find in surrounding towns.

We encountered a lot of interesting places in Karnataka. We started our journey from the beaches of Gokarna, went through a Tibetan town, and landed up in a place that's mystical even if you don't count the numerous temples it has. Sure does change your perspective towards life. It's time to part ways with the Mahindra Bolero Stinger, which was a great companion during this journey. Watch out for our video of this trip, coming soon.

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