Mahindra Drive

02 March 2013

The Mundgod drive: Day three

We reach Hampi, and have a look at the temples
Car image

On our way to Hampi, we spotted some windmills a little off the road. We wanted to have a closer look and, well, we had the Bolero Stinger. Here's the result.

The path around the windmills is quite dry and dusty, making this the best place to find out what the Bolero Stinger can do. Rear-wheel drive madness!

After eating a lot of dust and loving every minute of it, we've finally made it to Hampi - a town full of majestic temples, grand ruins and gorgeous rock formations. We'll stick around for a while, and try shooting at night as well.

We shot this long exposure in pitch darkness, and we have absolutely no idea what we managed to capture in the sky above the Bolero Stinger. Is that the gods blessing our trip? An alien spaceship making an entry through the atmosphere? Whatever it is, it's a sign that we've been hanging around here a bit too long. We'll continue our updates tomorrow morning.

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