The Mundgod drive: Day two

Posted by topgear at 16:04 pm on Saturday March 02, 2013

We have reached Mundgod and are making our way to the Tibetan monasteries. The Tibetan symbols are all over this place, making it feel completely disconnected from the rest of the state. It's almost surreal. No wonder it's popularly referred to as "Mini Tibet"

The Bolero Stinger is already grabbing attention around the monasteries. Temptation or not, no one can resist a good looking car.

This is the biggest Tibetan monastery in Mundgod, which was quite evident when we caught a glance of it from almost a kilometer away. Its grand size and design deserves a closer look, and that's exactly what we're getting right now.

After our brief tour of the monastery, we'd like to explore Mundgod a little more. There's a language barrier when talking to the people here, but the Bolero Stinger should be a good ice-breaker. Let's give it a shot.

And it worked. Even with extremely limited conversation between us, we got an idea of what he wanted. Guess we'll stand back for a while and not come in his way. Join us again tomorrow on our journey from Hubli (the nearest town) to Hampi.

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