The Satpura Adventure: Day four

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This has been an eventful adventure. We had good roads, we drove through a forest, spotted the elusive tiger. But as with the trips before this, we really needed to push our Scorpio 4x4 AT a little harder, and give it a real challenge. Early morning drifting on a sandy bed it is, then.

The morning drive got a lot of sand on the Scorpio. After all we had put it through, it did deserve a wash. The problem was, we weren’t keen on stepping out of the Scorpio. So a solution presented itself in the form of a waterbody, right outside the Pench forest reserve.

The Turia village on the outskirts of the Pench wildlife reserve, consists of the local tribals. They’re all quite friendly, though they tend to keep their distance. But they all do appreciate some good 4x4 action. And from the show we gave them in the morning, we reckon they’re quite pleased with us.

Pench is way more than a forest reserve, if you’re willing to explore it. There are beautiful lakes, villages and incredible cultures to witness in the vicinity. Exploring India by road is not always easy, but you can make it comfortable and fun by doing it in the right car. We’re glad we did this trip in a Scorpio 4x4 AT.

Next month we’ll head south to Mundgod and areas around it in a Bolero. But before that we have an exclusive video for you that we shot during this trip.


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