The Satpura Adventure: Day three

Posted by topgear at 11:31 am on Tuesday January 01, 2013

Nothing like a refreshing forest safari in the morning. It’s a good thing that we’re comfortable in the Scorpio 4x4 AT and not freezing in one of the open safari vehicles. Usually private vehicles are not allowed in the forest unless it’s a proper four-wheel drive with low range, and you need to have prior permission. Luckily we had both.

Regardless of what we spot today, this is a very beautiful forest populated with a number of interesting animals and trees. Take the Ghost tree for example. This pale white tree gives a very eerie effect at night when it reflects moonlight in pitch-black darkness. The Pench forest also has a tiger population. Let’s hope we get lucky today.

The forest is well populated with the spotted deer, which is the main hunting prey for tigers. These deers are usually accompanied by langurs in the forest who help them feed by throwing down leaves from the trees.

You have to be really careful around the bison. One wrong move and this guy can knock over a truck. We’re glad that we’re inside a Scorpio, but it would be ridiculous to push our luck.

Wow. That’s all you can say when you see a tiger looking right at you. This one’s a full-grown tigress looking straight at us after crossing the road we just passed. Seeing a tiger in the wild requires some real good luck, and we got really lucky today. Not only did we spot the tigress you see in the pic below, but also her two cubs...

After the tigress passed us by her cubs obediently followed. The one in the pic below was the calmer of the two as he trotted by playfully towards his mother, just a little ahead of him. Another one sprinted behind a few seconds later, but we have that on video, which we’ll post at the end of this trip. Till then, feast your eyes...


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