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Review: Maruti Alto 800 VXi

Driven September 2013

Review: Maruti Alto 800 VXi

For years now, the older 800cc Alto has been on a spree of sorts, setting and breaking sales records. But by now, it’s been on the road for so long, it’s in urgent need of some sprucing up. With the Alto 800, launched last November, it got new styling but it wasn’t enough to set any records. Primarily because the new styling didn’t prove to be as popular as Maruti would’ve liked, and the car lacked some essential features – like central locking and an audio system.

But now, there’s a new top-of-the-line variant, the VXi, that offers both those as standard, plus a rear spoiler and side mouldings. What is skips, annoyingly enough, is a keyhole on the front left door. Why would you do that, Maruti?

The integrated audio system gets two speakers. With that, the Indian car market has evolved to a point where even a super-compact hatch (well, a variant, at least) gets an audio system, without the need to go to the aftermarket. The VXi will appeal to anyone who looked at the Hyundai Eon only because it was heavier on features.

The numbers
3cyl, 796cc petrol, 47bhp, 69Nm, 5M, FWD, 0-100kph: 16.86sec, city kpl: 14.4, highway kpl: 18.8, Rs 3.58 lakh (ex-Mumbai)

The verdict
Alto 800’s new variant gets features it sorely lacked. Is better value now.

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