The best way to show the world you have arrived. With all the onslaught of the best brands, the three-pointed star is still the most recognisable emblems of a good life in India. But we have been hearing some horror stories with their after sales. Buckle up Merc!

  • A-Class

    India's cheapest Mercedes is also India's second most expensive hatch. But boy, what a hatch.

  • AMG GT

    A size smaller than the mighty SLS but this one’s a serious sportscar

  • B-Class

    Merc's newest offering is ultimately a large luxury hatchback. Now the stepping stone to Benz ownership

  • C-Class

    Excellent new C-Class returns to traditional Merc values and quality.

  • CL-Class

    Huge S-Class based coupe is very talented and luxurious but a bit pointless in India, really.

  • CLA-Class

    It’s the most stylish and the best-handling car in its segment.

  • CLS-Class

    Exotic, indulgent and totally extroverted brother to the E-Class.

  • E-Class

    The Merc E-Class has gone under the knife to get a new face and lot of goodies to keep you happy.

  • G-Wagon G55 AMG

    Safe enough for the Pope, rugged enough for the German army and reliable enough to drive across a Siberian winter. Must be good enough for India then, right?

  • GL-Class

    All creature comforts you need and a boot that can easily swallow your camping equipment.

  • GLA-Class

    Based on the MFA platform, the GLA is a bigger A-Class that's better-equipped to tackle rough roads

  • GLC

  • GLE

  • GLS

  • M-Class

    Second-gen M is vastly better, great quality, good on-road.

  • R-Class

    This is what Mercedes thinks people-carriers should look like. And cost.

  • S-Class

    Not just the best car in the world. It redefines what a car will be expected to do in the future.

  • SL

    Truly impressive all-rounder. Pricey, but does everything well.

  • SLK

    Sharp, sporty and practical sports car, with high drama roof.

  • SLS

    AMG-built two-door supercar with brilliant gullwing doors. More GT than supersports