Review: Mercedes A-Class Edition 1

Posted by agasti at 07:47 am on Tuesday June 24, 2014

While the petrol version of the Merc A-Class has been the apple of our eye (it even won our Most Beautiful car of the Year award), but the diesel variant, not so much. It’s nothing to do with the dynamics of the car, but rather, it’s the extremely stingy number of features that this version has to offer. Finally, after seeing our unimpressed faces Mercedes has decided to turn things around with the limited edition of the A – the Edition 1.

For starters, there’s no petrol variant of the Edition 1 A-Class on offer, just the diesel. There’s no change mechanically in the A-Class albeit the car now sits a bit higher thanks to a new Bad Road Package. Sounds slightly better already, right? Else, everything remains the same including the 2.2-litre that’s tuned to put out 107bhp and 250Nm of torque. It’s the same engine that powers the B, C, E and ML250 CDI, but in a detuned state. Unlike the other models, the diesel clatter is clearly evident in the A’s cabin.

The biggest grouse that we had with the A diesel is that it didn’t get a reverse camera, or reverse sensors for that matter, but that has changed now with the Edition 1 getting a reverse cam. Reverse sensors however, are given a miss on the features list though. Sigh.

Apart from this, one of the biggest changes this limited edition model incorporates is the addition of a panoramic sunroof, just like its petrol sibling. This model also gets electrically adjustable passenger seat too – a feature that’s left out even in the fully-specced petrol A-Class.

What sets the Edition 1 apart from the regular diesel A in the parking lot are the glossy black wing mirrors, new dull grey alloy wheels and some Edition 1 stickering on the sides of the car. However, you’ll still have to pay Merc a little more if you opt for that super-cool diamond grille (which we wish came standard) on the diesel.

Even in this limited edition, that’s supposed to be more feature-rich than the regular car, there are a couple of goodies that have been excluded – like auto climate control. Even the COMAND screen is much smaller than its petrol fueled counterpart.

Dynamically, we’ve always loved the A-Class. The steering feels perfectly weighed and sharp, with adequate feedback. And despite it being front-wheel drive, the A takes on corners confidently with just a hint of understeer.

Ride quality has never been a strong point of the A. The suspension setup is on the stiffer side and bump absorption capabilities are not great. The suspension is noisy and crashes when you go over sharp potholes.

Mercedes had not announced the official price of the Edition 1 at the time of going to press, but we reckon it’ll be about Rs 2 lakh more than the regular A180 CDI, bringing the total amount close to Rs 35 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

Yes, that’s a bit of an ask for this tiny hatch, but with this version, Merc is giving you the diesel A with more features. More features can never be a bad thing.

The numbers
4cyl, 2143cc, diesel, 107bhp, 250Nm, 0-100kph: 9.99sec, 30-50kph: 1.84sec, 50-70kph: 2.64sec, 80-0kph: 26.81m; 2.74sec, city kpl: 11.9, highway kpl: 16.1, top speed: 190kph, Rs 35 lakh (estimated, on-road, Mumbai)

The verdict
The addition of much needed features make the Edition 1 a better package over the regular A180 CDI overall.

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