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Mercedes has been lying to us

The script of the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix could have been a one-liner, if not for some pit stops and a late safety car. The line being: "Mercs have lied about being second fastest to Ferrari in winter testing"

Five, 1-2 finishes. That's right, five! Mercedes had the faster pace, better strategy and driver performance. What was all that hue and cry about Ferrari being faster? Hamilton took the lead as three drivers went into the first corner. Hamilton pushed hard but he was fair. Bottas was the patty of the burger, with Vettel on the outside.

As usual Max Verstappen was there to take full advantage of Vettel locking up and messing-up the first corner, almost taking his team-mate Leclerc out. 

Redbull were right about having the race pace to battle Ferrari. If I was the Ferrari boss, I would almost immediately book an anger management class. Ferrari were really slow in switching the drivers during the race. The two drivers just kept covering each other making Verstappen's job easier than it should have been. Although, one could argue that the safety car messed-up Leclerc's strategy, he was still looking faster than Vettel on many occasions, certainly better on tyre management. 

The midfield gave us plenty to cheer for. Kyvat, Magnussen and Sainz had a good race and took home points for their teams. Grosjean had to defend so much, that a cricket fan would have called him Rahul Dravid.
Lando Norris is due to get his first penalty in F1 as he made his rookie driver error taking Stroll for a stroll on the gravel trap (pun intended) and causing the safety car to be brought out. Though one must thank the two drivers for making the race interesting. Circuit de Catalunya, has been known for hosting some boring races since it is tough to overtake. The organisers seem to have realised that too, rightly moving next year's race to a different venue.
The Renault team has the money of the French population i.e. the taxpayers' money, invested in the yellow team. The French would have been better off booking a fixed deposit in a bank instead. Finishing 12th and 13th on a not so difficult track was a bit disappointing. Looks like Ricciardo and Hulkenberg are soon gonna need a shrink, instead of a race engineer. 

All in all, a rather lacklustre race, the trend of which might continue at the Monaco Grand Prix where it is perpetually impossible to overtake. I hope the Redbulls can put up a fight to the silver arrows or else the new improved Bottas 2.0 is our only chance of stopping Hamilton from running away with this year's championship.

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RJ Rishi Kapoor

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and facts in this article are that of the author alone
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