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03 September 2012

Sebastian Vettel makes a music video

The double world champ swaps his F1 car for the wheels of steel

Rowan Horncastle
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Sebastian Vettel: part-time double world champion Formula One driver, part-time Kung-Fu Panda and now part-time DJ.

The finger waving enthusiast has just starred in the music video of double Grammy-winning R&B star, Melanie Fiona. We have no idea who she is, but after watching the video we've gathered that she's a fan of spray-on trousers and wearing a metallic Polo mint in her nose.

The song's called ‘Watch Me Work', which we're guessing, is a musical account of Melanie's experience of ‘Bring your Child To Work Day'. Unsurprisingly, Seb plays the role of a driver. What does he drive in this Arr and Bee video? A Lamborghini? An Escalade? Neither. The swagger wagon of choice is an Infiniti G37 convertible, which – after knocking the transmission into sport mode –he utilizes to do some skids. Once he's parked up, he fetches a Pelican case and does an impromptu DJ set, giving us another fascinating insight into the life of an F1 driver.

So dot commers, should we put this on our next TopGear Anthems CD?

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