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17 September 2012

Video: Real-life Hot Wheels corkscrew

Another record tumbles as Hot Wheels do the longest four-wheeled corkscrew ever

Rowan Horncastle
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We salute the incredibly childish - but amazingly brilliant - person at Hot Wheels who thought it'd be an excellent idea to apply the ‘Honey, I blew up the kid' effect to their toybox. Since our man Tanner has already broken two world records for full-sized toy-based jumps and loops, they thought it'd be time to add a third.

This time it was very James Bondy. They recreated the famous AMC Hornet corkscrew jump from The Man with the Golden Gun, but being American, they went big - 92 foot to be precise.

It all took place at ‘an undisclosed part of the Hot Wheels Test Facility' - which we believe is a full-scale version of the kitchen floor, where bits of test track and half-chewed cars are needlessly thrown around for fun.

The buggy was piloted by Hollywood stuntman and professional nutter, Brent Fletcher. After hitting the ramp at exactly 87kph, he gritted his teeth and (we presume) closed his eyes while he rotated 230 degrees before hitting the ground, where he was then officially classed as a record breaker.

You can check it out gratuitous slow mo below.

But even though Mr. J Bond's jump was shorter, would you have rather seen it done in an AMC Hornet?

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