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25 September 2012

McLaren unveil 12C Singapore Edition

If you live in Singapore and want a bespoke MP4-12C, this could be the car for you

Rowan Horncastle
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We've seen what McLaren Special Operations can do first hand. If you want to put a new body on your MP4-12C, they can do it. If you want your MP4-12C to match your McLaren F1, they can do it. And now, if you want an MP4-12C that has connotations of Lewis Hamilton's F1 car and a big plaque that says ‘Singapore' on it, they can do that too. Three times over.

Unveiled by Ron Dennis at the Singapore GP, the car known as the 12C Singapore Edition has McLaren Rocket Red lines, blended into a Carbon Black and Silver base with bespoke airbrushing from the boys at Special Operations.

It's not just pretty paint, though. MSO also applied ultra-lightweight rims, front and rear bumpers inspired by the HS Edition MP4-12C and their recently Stigified GT3 race car.

Rocket Red is also the colour of choice inside being applied to the instrument surrounds and air vents. They've also stamped ‘Singapore Edition' in capitals into the door plates as well as the head of a Lion (not the actual head of an actual lion), so people whose geographical knowledge only extends to the national animal can identify that it's for the Singapore market.

Only three cars are being made and there's only one left for sale. We don‘t know how much for but we're guessing, a lot is the answer.

So commenters, what would you have McLaren Special Operations do to your MP4-12C?

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