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23 October 2012

I drive a supercar: Kawal Punihani

We talk to 24-year old car nut who owns an Aston Martin Vantage S

Ashish Masih
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Where do you keep your car keys?
At the main gate so they are easy to locate at all times.

Do you let anyone else drive your car?
Yes I do, apart from me, my brother is the only person allowed to take it out of the home. He’s equally passionate about driving and exotic machinery.

Do you drive to work?
I am practical about using my supercars for everyday motoring. I prefer using my Skoda Superb, which is better suited for our potholed roads.

What do you do when you have to hand the keys over to a valet?
I never do such a thing.

You’re at a café with friends, and  you’ve parked your car in a spot  you don’t really like. What’s running through your head?
I never, ever go anyplace where I won’t get parking that I’m comfortable with. I’d rather party somewhere else.

What do you like most about your car?
Well, I simply love its looks. It’s got a little James Bond in it. And the soundtrack is lovely as well..

What’s your other car?
Apart from the Aston Martin Vantage S, I also own an Audi R8 and a Maserati GTS.

You enjoy the attention, or does it leave you embarrassed?
To be honest, I do get a bit embarrassed when lots of people turn to look at it at signals. I also get uncomfortable if people start touching out of curiosity – it’s just an increased risk of scratches.

Have you been stranded in your car at any time?
Not yet, touch wood.

Do you listen to music when driving this car?
Yes, in the city, at slow speeds, I do turn up the stereo. But on the highway, at triple-digits, I just listen to the car’s trumpeting.

What if someone took a key and scratched the door?
That person needs to get his horoscope checked very quickly.

This car’s time is up. You will replace it with...?
A Ferrari 458 Italia. What a beauty that car is.

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