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26 October 2012

Nissan to supply the Evalia to Red Bull Racing

RBR's official LCV supplier to provide the team with ten Evalias for the Indian Grand Prix

Amaan Ahmed
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As we know, Renault-Nissan have forged a strong alliance over the years. Renault is on good terms with Red Bull and Infiniti, and naturally, Nissan is associated with Red Bull Racing as well, though as its official global light commercial vehicle (LCV) supplier. In short, what Nissan does is provide the Red Bull F1 team with some of its most practical vehicles on sale across the world at each and every race. The NV3500 was used by RBR for the Canadian Grand Prix, and the NV350 for the Japanese GP.

Now, for the Indian Grand Prix this weekend, Nissan has decided to supply Red Bull with a fleet of ten Evalias that will act as the team's official transport vehicles. Adorned with Red Bull stickers, these Evalias will be used to ferry staff as well as team equipment. Apart from that, this is mechanically the exact same vehicle that was launched last month.

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, said, "Within such a high-pressure and challenging environment as Formula One, we need reliable partners taking care of all our versatile transportation needs all over the world. Extensive travel is part and parcel of Formula One, and the transportation of our material and staff are an essential part of our successful operations. We are very reassured that the Evalia will be supporting our race operations at this year’s India Grand Prix."

Can you think of any other vehicle that would've been more practical for the Red Bull F1 team, TopGearers?

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