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14 December 2010

Next-gen US Honda Civic teased

Japanese carmaker reveals ‘styling direction’ for new 'Merican hatch ahead of Detroit show debut

Vijay Pattni
Car image

Honda has released a teaser sketch of what the next generation US-spec Honda Civic will look like. And it probably won't look like this.

That sketch is merely a ‘styling direction', meant to showcase what the Honda Civic would look like if 15 year-old boys were the primary market. Of course, real people with kids and dogs buy the Civic, as well as the elderly, so it can't look like a teenager's fantasy.

Still, if even some of this ‘direction' makes it into the 2011 Civic, it shall be rather nice. Attitude. Aggression. And a lot like what we've got right now.

The Detroit show kicks off on 10 January 2011, so more news as it rolls in. We've still got a little wait until we get a new Civic over here, but for now, your reaction, please...


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