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08 November 2012

VW opens its own "True Value" with Das WeltAuto

Get set for some high quality used cars as German giant enters the lucrative second-hand business

Ashish Masih
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Always liked the VW Polo, but thought it was a bit out of your budget? Well, VW is addressing customers like you and has entered the used car business under its own brand Das WeltAuto. Welt meaning the world.

Just like Maruti’s True Value used car business, the cars will undergo a stringent multi-point check (160 to be precise) and be refurbished using genuine VW spare parts. Unlike Maruti which only sells its own brand of used cars, Das WeltAuto dealerships will trade in car models from all manufacturers and will not be restricted to Volkswagen car lines. It will also offer a one-year warranty on all VW cars sold, while non-VW cars will be sold with a six-month warranty.

The company has commenced operations with 15 dealerships across the country and plans to end the year with a total of 21 dealerships. So if you’ve always wanted that Polo 1.6 then this is a good time to go hunting for a used one. All in all, we say it’s another great place to hunt for that awesome used car deal. What say, TopGear.commers?

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