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21 November 2012

Jaguar offers first glimpse of the XFR-S

It’s coming: the fastest, most powerful Jaguar saloon ever produced set for LA motor show…

Vijay Pattni
Car image

Next week, some folks over in Los Angeles and in ‘The Internet', will be privy to an important Jaguar milestone.

Because next week, it's the Los Angeles motor show. And next week, at the Los Angeles motor show, Jaguar will unveil the fastest and most powerful saloon it has ever produced.

It will unveil the Jaguar XFR-S.

Sadly, this is all the information we have to hand. No word on engine, performance statistics or even price. Not even a whisper on exactly how big the obligatory rear wing will be. In fact, we're not even sure it will get a rear wing.

But, we can at least surmise that it will be quite biblically fast. After all, it's the second in Jaguar's R-S range, the first being the quite loud and really quite fast 542bhp XKR-S. And considering the XFR-S will go toe-to-toe with the BMW M5, you can be certain it will come with something supercharged producing somewhere in the region of 550bhp and a 0-100kph time of just over four seconds...

All we have is that picture you see above, and the date: Wednesday 28 November 2012. All will become clear on this date. Until then, we urge you - no scratch that, we beseech you - to don your most unintelligible, indecipherable and downright spurious web theories on what firepower this car will pack, and enter them delicately into the box below.

You may begin.

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