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20 December 2010

Nissan 'Sunny' heading to India

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Gagan Gupta
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Nissan launched a new global sedan at the 8th China International Auto Exhibition today.

'Sunny' is what the sedan will be launched as in China, where it will go on sale first in January 2011 and then progressively across 170 countries worldwide under different vehicle brand names.

Before you ask, no this is not the much anticipated Micra sedan, nor does it use the Micra platform. This one is built on Nissan's 'V' platform; has a 1.5-liter HR15DE engine with dual injectors and a new-generation Xtronic CVT with an auxiliary transmission. Nissan boasts that the sedan would handle great in city driving where there is frequent acceleration and deceleration, and is also a class leader in fuel economy.

Set to launch in India in the second half of 2011, the sedan will be manufactured at the company's plant at Oragadam, near Chennai.

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