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14 December 2012

Video: Tom Cruise chats with James and The Stig

Jack Reacher star interrupts interview to talk TopGear. WATCH
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There's only one man on this planet that can take Tom Cruise out of his famous pre-film fan signing and red carpet routine; one man who makes one of the world's biggest stars rush over and say hello, and we've finally got video proof of it.

Except of course, he's not a man. He is, as Mr Cruise identifies, "a race creature from race space." You'll know him by his formal name: The Stig.

You see, Tom's new film Jack Reacher, had its UK premiere a few nights ago, and James May popped down with The Stig in tow to check out the film's car chases. Stig gets awfully upset if a cinematic car scene is done incorrectly. He's been known to spontaneously headbutt the foyer popcorn machines in protest.

So as James and Stig were being interviewed by Absolute Radio ahead of the film's premiere on the red carpet, none other than Tom Cruise himself rushed over - interrupting the interview - just to say hello.

Watch the video below as Tom reminisces with James and Stig about his time on TG telly. Well, reminisce with James anyway. Stig was being... Stig.

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