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09 January 2013

Hypercar of the Year: Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini’s newest hypermobile is on top of the food chain. And when it’s on a hunt, it makes for an awesome sight

Sriram Narayanan
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Everything in this car is over the top. The looks, the engine, the scissor doors, down to something as small as the engine starter button. Wonder who at Lamborghini came up with the idea that the starter button should be placed in the centre console – and covered with a red flap? Like the missile launch button in a fighter. And the ideology that designed this starter button is only amplified across the car. The entire machine has this air of a juvenile fantasy tempered with unfettered rage.

The Aventador may be the easiest to live with among V12 super-Lambos. But it’s not the easiest to live with among the current crop of supercars. In stop-and-go traffic, the gearbox isn’t smooth, the engine tends to heat up and ride is rough. Which is why we love the Aventador as a hypercar. It’s still an old world car that likes to be on the other side of 100kph. It likes high speeds to pummel manhole covers and cat-eyes – things that would otherwise upset its ride at slow speeds.

Yet, as we proved earlier this year, it will get down to doing mundane things like dropping kids to school, taking you shopping, and if pushed, even delivering pizza. But it will demand you take it down an open road and let it roar the way a kid will want time on the swing after he’s done with some very taxing schoolwork. We like this facet of the Aventador.

It’s a symbol of power that does not understand subtlety. Power that gets things done. Power that opens doors. Power that corrupts. Like the power that moves around at New Delhi’s India Gate. It’s the symbol of all that is great and not great with this country. But it’s real, it’s power is real and the repercussions of all that occurs here will be felt across the country.

Like the sight of an Aventador in motion. We don’t know if the next super Lamborghini will be more homely. They may give it a turbo-charged V8 making some 900bhp instead of the 690 from the current V12. They may make a more forgiving gearbox and more forgiving low-speed ride to help owners through day-to-day chores.The next super Lambo may even come with practical bits like bottle holders and cabin storage space.

Right now though, this Aventador is as hyper as a car can get on this planet. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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