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02 January 2013

Car prices shoot up in 2013

Carmakers across the board announce price hikes. Another round of fuel hike coming as well.

Ashish Masih
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Hope you guys had a great New Year's celebration. Now for the party pooper...

Carmakers across the board right from Maruti to Mercedes have announced plans to hike prices of their entire lineup of cars from January this year. The degree varies from around 0.5 percent of the cars ex-showroom price to about two percent. While Audi and Mercedes have already announced the price hikes on their range, the small carmakers like Hyundai and Maruti are yet to announce any updated prices. If you are planning to buy a car, do it right away before the eminent price hike.

But that’s not all, dealers tell us that the government is in the process of working out an extra tax for diesel passenger cars, in order to balance the skewed fuel policy in favour of diesels. Dealers tell us that this could be anything from Rs 25,000 to 50,000 for hatchback cars and much more for bigger cars.

If that is not all, diesel prices are set to rise a rupee every month for the next ten months, ensuring running that diesel car won’t be as cheap as you had expected earlier.

Doesn't look like much of a 'happy new year' for motorists, does it?

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