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14 January 2013

Want that discount? Buy last year’s car

Here’s a cheeky way to cut ownership costs by simply buying last year's model

Ashish Masih
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We’ve been doing some mystery shopping over the weekend and are happy with our findings. While it’s a well-known fact that traditionally December is the best month to hunt for discounts and January probably the worst we managed to find some good discounts.

We’ve come across some great deals across manufacturers who still have some stock of 2012-manufactured cars. Dealers are willing to offer generous discounts on these models to get them off showroom floors. We came across a few Ford dealers who still had the a few 2012-year manufactured cars as well as a last-gen Figo in stock and were willing to offer a discount of upto Rs 45,000 on all versions. Similarly a Maruti dealer was willing to offer upto Rs 50,000 off on the last-gen Ritz. But Maruti dealers won’t offer anything on a Swift, last-year or this one.

VW and Skoda dealers are offering a good deal too. If you decide to book a 2012-year manufactured Vento/Rapid or Polo/Fabia, which are still in stock with some dealers then you can avail between Rs 30,000-50,000 off depending on the variant. But there is a caveat as well. Your choice of colours is limited to the ones that are available in stock. Most dealers we spoke to as mystery shopper only had white. Also, dealers and manufacturers don’t advertise such schemes so it’s a good idea to go into a dealership and push hard for a bargain.

So if you don’t really mind driving a car made in 2012 (who can tell the difference anyway?), then we’d recommend that you buy a new car and get a deal on it as soon as possible. Remember these cars are few and the scheme won’t be on offer for a long time.

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