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23 January 2013

The limited-edition Maruti Omni is here!

Rejoice, people-movers on a budget. The vehicle of your dreams has just got an upgrade

Amaan Ahmed
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Maruti Suzuki has a whole boatload of products in its range, and most of them have had their very own "limited-edition" versions, but none have been as special as the limited-run model MSIL has revealed now: the Omni Limited Edition.

Yes, if you love Bollywood-style abductions, and want a luxurious Omni (if you could call it that), this is as close as it gets. Of course, it doesn't get a dash-mounted mini-fan, no, no that sort of luxury.

The additions to this special-edition Omni include a left-side ORVM, floor mats, dual-tone seat covers and a music system with Aux-in and four speakers, all of which shall keep your cargo or hostage comfortable and entertained, depending on your choice of occupation.

Apart from these fortune-altering changes, the Omni still retains the 796cc 3-pot motor (which is BS-IV-compliant, surprise surprise) and the four-speed manual 'box.

The standard Omni costs Rs 2.68 lakh ex-showroom, Mumbai. Maruti hasn't announced prices for the limited-edition Omni yet, but if you're keen, you could try pointing a gun at a dealer to extract a quote.

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