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01 February 2013

Toyota reveals FT-86 Open Concept

This is what the rag-top GT86 will look like… if it gets built
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The inevitable has happened - Toyota's whipped the roof off a GT86, made it a bit concepty, and announced it'll be showing it at the Geneva motor show to see if you lot like it enough to buy one.

And the manufacturer's being refreshingly open about things. It even told us that "the show car will help Toyota gauge public reaction to the idea, at the same time as it carries out engineering tests on a prototype." Which means somewhere, there's an official drop-top version of Jeremy's car of 2012 roaming through the development labs.

There'll also be a few other bits and bobs on the Toyota stand this year. Namely the i-Road concept (an emissions-free two-person futurepod thing), the new fourth-gen RAV4, and a rather dashing Auris Touring Sports.

Toyota's luxury arm, Lexus, is also bringing some kit to Switzerland. It's premiering its all-new IS 300h, showing off the full F Sport range and punting out the LF-CC concept, this time in blue.

We'll bring you more news when we get it. In the meantime, do any TopGear.commers fancy giving Toyota an early indication of whether they'd buy a drop-top GT86?

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