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21 March 2013

TVS Wego gets a disc brake

Forget the drum, TVS' scooter is now available with a disc

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

Braking news!

TVS is very particular about the way its products stop. Remember when they rolled out the Apache RTR 180 ABS? It was priced well out of the market, but TVS highlighted the importance of the anchors that bring two-wheelers to an unfazed halt. Now, the Wego has received a shot in the... front fender, with the introduction of an optional disc brake.

Yes, Honda's Aviator is no longer the only disc brake-equipped scooter on sale in India. The Wego can now be had with a disc, but that's about it when it comes to features. It stays completely unaltered otherwise ('body-balance'?. Yes, that too).

The Wego with the disc brake will cost about Rs 3,000 more than the drum brake variant. Which means it is priced at Rs 49,232 ex-showroom, Pune.

Calls for a match with the Aviator? Let us know in the comments below...

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