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27 March 2013

Be afraid: it’s the Jag XKR-S GT

It's the most track-focused Jag road car in history, and it wants to hurt you

Sam Philip
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Jaguar's 'R' division turns 25 this year and, to celebrate its quarter-century, Jag's performance wing has cooked itself a very special birthday cake: the most racingest road car in its history.

This is the alphabetastic XKR-S GT - the harder, faster, more track-focused version of Jag's already decidedly hard, fast, and track-focused XKR-S - and it wants to dismember your adorable childhood pets in new and creative ways. This is a one mean mother of a track-focused XK.

All those wings and flicks and gobbets of carbon fibre? OK, they might not do much for the XK's sleek lines, but they're all functional, contributing to 145kg of downforce at the XKR-S GT's 300kph top speed.

The GT retains the XKR-S's supercharged 542bhp 5.0-litre V8, but a set of massive new rear tyres - 305/30s, no less - help it translate all that power to a 0-100kph time of 3.9 seconds, half a second quicker than the XKR-S.

It's the first road-going Jaguar ever to get carbon ceramic brakes, which save 21kg over the XKR-S, and - alongside a new track-spec suspension set-up including Eibach springs - should help contribute to Jag's projected Nurburgring lap time of 'under 7 minutes 40 seconds'. That's Lexus LFA territory. That's quick.

Jaguar says just 30 GTs will be built, with 25 destined for the USA. At the moment there are no plans to keep any for us. You know what to do, internet...

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