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03 April 2013

This is the Skoda Superb Refresh

And it can now park itself on its own, much like its VW cousin

Amaan Ahmed
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The Skoda Superb has been a popular choice in its segment ever since its launch, but now, in the day of lagging sales, needed a new lease of life to keep the cash counters ringing. Facelift mules have been spotted on a number of occasions, but finally, we have the first shots of the refreshed Superb.

What's refreshed here? For starters, the front fascia has been overhauled, with new headlights, new front bumper and the suave, new-look Skoda grille and logo making their way onto the car's face. There onwards, the car stays pretty much the same till the time you get to the boot. The registration plate housing is now built into the bootlid and not into the rear bumper, and Skoda's designers seemed to have ruffled through the Audi A4's drawer to find new tail-lights for the refreshed Superb. The bottom of the rear bumper receives a matte finish, and that rounds off the exterior changes.

On the inside, the car gets a new four-spoke steering wheel, a new gearlever, new interior colour schemes and for the first time in a Superb, you can have more space for your feet by sacrificing some of the front passenger's own, as you can now move the front passenger seat forward electrically from the backseat. Heard of this before?

Well, you must then remember the automatic parking system seen on the Superb's cousin, the Volkswagen Passat as well? If you've guessed it, the refreshed Superb too gets the "I-can't-park" automatic reverse parking system.

In India, Skoda will continue with the same engine and gearbox options, which will also help Skoda price the facelifted Superb at its current price point.

When is it coming here? No word from Skoda yet, but we'd like to see it here by the end of this year. Or would you have it earlier, TopGear.commers?

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