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08 April 2013

TVS joins forces with BMW Motorrad

To bring in a new range of sub-500cc motorcycles...

Girish Karkera
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Indian auto major TVS has signed a long term cooperation agreement with the two-wheeler division of BMW. The deal will see them jointly develop a new series of motorcycles in the smaller capacity segment to be sold under their respective badges and network.

With this, TVS gets a crucial technology advantage over most of its traditional homegrown and global rivals. For BMW Motorrad, they will get a new reach in low cost models compared to what it builds already. While the German marque has seen an all-time surge in sales worldwide sales last year, TVS has had a tough one in the flagship two-wheeler business. The agreement gives TVS a fresh challenge in the premium bike segment.

Stephan Schaller, president of BMW Motorrad said the new TVS-BMW bikes would be additional models to the existing range of BMW bikes sold with 650-1600cc engines. The bikes would be made with different design and equipment levels depending on the badge it will wear.

The first bike will be launched in 2015. Wonder how well this will play out, eh TopGear.commers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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