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24 April 2013

Watch: a 60 year-old woman and her AMG…at the drag strip

A lady in her late sixties, running a tricked-out C63. Coolest hexagenarian ever?

Amaan Ahmed
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Drag racing is addictive, they say. The desire to trim those quarter-mile times never disappears, but this is something special.

The woman in question is an ardent drag racing fan in her late-60s, and is the proud owner of a sinister-looking Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. It's no stock C63 this - with a slight remap and cold-air induction, the 'BADBENZ' produces 475bhp. What's more, her husband is into smashing quarter-miles too, and turns up at the strip armed with a second-gen Dodge Viper.

She's been at it since she was a teenager, and it shows - on this particular run, the AMG clocks an impressive 11-second run at the strip.

Watch the video below and tell us - coolest hexagenarians ever?

Footage from 1320 Video

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