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30 April 2013

Volkswagen developing 10-speed DSG

VW confirms news of a 10-speed gearbox, along with a new high-performance diesel engine

Amaan Ahmed
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Volkswagen is dead serious about its plans of world dominance. So much so, that it will not let another manufacturer boast about having a car with more gears than any other car in the world.

If you thought Jaguar Land Rover's new 9-speed gearbox was a bit over-the-top, say hello to VW's reply - a 10-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Unveiling future drive technologies at the 34th International Vienna Motor Symposium, Martin Winterkorn, Chariman, Volkswagen AG mentioned the Group's plans to lower its fleet emissions, and boost efficiency across the range. The new 10-speeder is a step in the same direction.

Apart from the new 'box, a new high-performance diesel engine that puts out 134bhp per litre of displacement is also in the works.

Winterkorn stressed on the significance of plug-in hybrids, and announced that plug-in versions of the Golf, Passat, Audi's A6 and Porsche's Cayenne will follow the launch of the Audi A3 e-tron and the Porsche Panamera hybrid.

Over the due course of time, all of this tech will filter down to the rest of Volkswagen AG's model line-up. Question is, are 10 gears one too many?

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