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06 June 2013

Video: discouraging make-up while driving, Mini-style

Mini says female drivers cause accidents while applying make-up, devises a rather clever way to put the message across

Amaan Ahmed
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Mini is concerned about road safety. It is deeply worried about the welfare of you, us and the Mexican woman at the wheel. So much so, that it has thought of a meaningful (if slightly harrowing) way to convey the message.

Publicis, a Mexican advertising firm that Mini goes to for its adverts has come up with a video that delivers some key information: about 22 percent of road accidents in Mexico are caused by female drivers, 1,273 lipsticks are broken annually, resulting in damage worth over $400,000 - Rs 2.25 crore, to put it into perspective. Those are just appalling figures. We mean, 1,273 lipsticks being shattered every year is just carnage.

Oh, and it's not just tidbits about how many Maybellines are rendered useless. There's lots of make-up, followed by an airbag blowing up, followed by a lot of squealing and hand-waving. Quite entertaining, unless you're a lady from Mexico, in which case you might find it sexist and want to take Publicis to the cleaners.

Have a look through the video, and then tell us, should Mini import its Mexican safety ideology to India?

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