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07 June 2013

What would Superman drive?

Ram builds one-off V8 ‘Power Wagon’ for Man of Steel, but what do you think Supes should drive?

Vijay Pattni
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Poor Superman. Sent from another planet to save ours, he possesses superhuman powers of strength, speed, intelligence and vision. And he can fly. But, he doesn't have a bombastically, heroically overwrought car. He hasn't got a Super-mobile.

Step forward Ram Trucks - part of Dodge - who decided to deck out a Hemi-powered truck with a little light detailing befitting of the strongest man in the world.

Starting with a standard 'Power Wagon', Superman's ride gets a dark ceramic grey paint job with a high-gloss black roof and red anodized grille accents - using 14 coats of paint - together with forged aluminium, satin-black 17in alloys wheels, Superman logos on the front grille and rear tailgate, and a custom vehicle wrap "inspired by the crest and texture of Superman's suit".

Inside, you'll find custom mesh seat inserts, leather seats, red paint trim accents on the doors, steering column, radio cluster and seats, and of course, Superman's logo on the headrests. The underneath remains the same, so it's still a 5.7-litre V8 powered Hemi with 383bhp and some 542Nm of torque. Even in the hands of Kal-El, that's pretty terrifying in a truck that weighs more than Krypton.

Obviously, Superman is not real. Thus, this car has been built for some kind of cinematic release we are totally unaware of, and will be auctioned off for charity later this year.

But, it got us thinking. How on earth - literally, how on earth - do you build a car for Superman? Let us know your thoughts in the space below. And no, you can't just repaint a Batmobile in red and blue. That's cheating.

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