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13 June 2013

Piaggio reveals the Vespa VX 125

The chic Italian two-wheeler now gets a disc brake, and new paint options, and better tires, and…that's all it needed, isn't it?

Amaan Ahmed
Car image

These are happy days for people looking to buy a new scooter. While Honda initiated a price war of sorts with the launch of the Activa-i yesterday, Piaggio was busy listening to customers and adding those finishing touches to the Vespa. The end result is this: the VX 125.

Now, this isn't a more powerful version of the Vespa. Mechanically similar to its lesser sibling, it is just a higher trim level - which means it gets a 200mm front disc brake, a freshened-up instrument binnacle, MRF Zapper tyres, an optional beige seat, an elongated pillion chrome grab rail and since the existing maroon and black paint options weren't very popular, they've been replaced by pink and blue. An option each for the sexes, see?

If the VX 125 does turn out to be a hot-seller, Piaggio may let the VX replace the LX in the line-up entirely. With the VX's price expected to only be a tad higher than the LX's when it is announced on June 20, are the LX's days numbered?

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