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01 July 2013

Watch Porsche's epic Le Mans video

Stuttgart rounds up 2013 race, with moving, heartfelt tribute to Aston Martin…

Tom Fogden
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You'll already know that this year's Le Mans 24 hour race was a tragic, heart-wrenching event: the death of Aston Martin driver Allan Simonsen following a crash in the opening stages of the event struck a grim chord that reverberated throughout the weekend.

Tributes poured out from everywhere, but now, Aston Martin's GT class rivals Porsche have put together something quite special indeed. Yes, you will have undoubtedly seen a large amount of Le Mans coverage in these past two weeks, but as your attentions turn to Pikes Peak and the British GP on Sunday, it's worth taking a final look back at the 81st running of the most prestigious endurance race on the planet.

There was a dramatic late fight to the finish between Audi and Toyota for overall supremacy, but there was also a titanic battle for GT class honours between Aston Martin and Porsche.

The video then, commemorates not only Porsche's 100th class victory at Le Mans, but also Simonsen himself. Now, we don't normally associate Porsche with heartfelt outbursts of emotion and nostalgia, but the boys and girls from Stuttgart have made a beautiful bit of film. It even prompted Aston's driver Darren Turner to tweet, ‘a wonderful film with a perfect tribute. Thank you Porsche.'

Have a watch and see what you think...

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