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22 March 2011

Mercedes unveils C63 AMG Coupe

AMG delivers 457bhp rear-wheel-drive haymaker in the form of C-Class Coupe

Vijay Pattni
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Ladies and gentlemen, for the main event... 12 rounds of heavyweight drifting: meet the new C63 AMG Coupe.

Mercedes has revealed the rocket-fuelled version of its recently launched C-Class Coupe, packing 457bhp from its 6.2-litre V8.

As with the face-lifted saloon, the C63 AMG Coupe gets the optional AMG performance pack rebigulator that boosts power to 487bhp. How, you cry? Pinching important oily bits from its SLS AMG sibling, the 6.2-litre V8 gets forged pistons, connecting rods and a lightweight crankshaft reducing inertia and allowing muchos revolutions, eg, light and shouty.

The pack also includes a variable intake manifold, AMG high-performance brakes with composite front discs and red calipers, along with a carbon-fibre boot spoiler and AMG steering wheel.

The 0-62mph time takes 4.5 seconds (4.4 with the AMG pack) while top speed is, naturally, limited to 155mph.

You get the AMG Speedshift seven-speed sports 'box with three modes - S, S+ and M - together with a ‘Race Start' function that, says Merc, ‘allows the driver to explore the vehicle's full acceleration capability'. Read: ‘Full-throttle-burnout.'

Like the saloon, the Coupe gets AMG's sports suspension (wider track, negative camber, new spring/damper rates), speed-sensitive sports steering and ESP. Inside the Merc comes with a TFT 3D display, AMG sports seats and a bewildering array of driver aids to make sure you don't stray off the road/exit via a tree, don't miss blind spots and, probably, tell you off if you forget to brush your teeth.

If you want even more one-upmanship, there's an ‘Edition 1' AMG available, which uses black leather with contrasting porcelain seams, twin-spoke light alloys in matt black and a big badge.

Prices start at £63k for the Coupe (£62k for the saloon) and £67k for the Edition 1, and will launch in UK by July this year.

You should already know its contenders. Step into the ring BMW's M3 Coupe and the Audi RS5... let's rumble!


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