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25 July 2013

Yamaha issues a recall for the Ray

Voluntarily, Yamaha has called back its scooter after finding potential handlebar issues with it

Amaan Ahmed
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Do you ride a Yamaha Ray? If yes, have you found the handlebar to be a bit vague at times? If no, you should still be reading this carefully, because Yamaha has issued a recall for not ten, not a hundred, not even a thousand, but 56,082 units of its only scooter sold in the Indian market.

Yamaha says it has detected "insufficient strength" in the handlebars fitted to the Ray after some thorough product analysis, and says that since these handlebars weren't welded quite right, in the worst-case scenario, they could go a bit wonky. And could make the Ray disobey your inputs and head straight into the wall next to the lane you wanted to zip through.

Now that they know about the problem (which is not present on the recently-introduced Ray 'Z'), Yamaha has decided to run a "Ray Refresh Campaign", which will involve dealerships calling up and emailing customers affected by this recall, and replacing the component absolutely free of charge. You can even visit Yamaha India's website here and enter the vehicle chassis/frame number to see if your scoot has been recalled.

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