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03 September 2013

First drive: Hyundai Grand i10

We take a quick spin in the latest iteration of the i10, powered by a new diesel engine

Abhinav Mishra
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The second-generation, three-cylinder, 1.1-litre U2 diesel engine in the upcoming Grand i10 must have caught your attention by now, surely. Yes, this is the same engine that does duty in the i20 in Europe. For now, Hyundai has not shared the power the engine will make in India. We guess it should be similar to the 74bhp, 180Nm output of the engine sold in Europe.

Start the engine and you are greeted by typical diesel clatter. Though the guys at Hyundai have done a good job of keeping NVH levels in check, the noise does manage to creep in at idle. As the engine revs, it feels a lot smoother and noise levels also take a dip.

As you would expect from a 1.1-litre powerplant, the Grand i10 is not an outright performer. It builds most of its torque from 1500rpm, all the way to 3500rpm and the tall gear ratios are there to take advantage of this. It should be a breeze to drive in the city, with all the torque available lower down the rev range.

We did manage to push the Grand to an indicated 140kph. The car was not very comfortable at this speed, but stayed composed. The suspension is on the stiffer side for better highway manners.

As with most electronic steering systems these days, the Grand i10's steering lacks feel, but takes the car where you point it. Safety features include airbags and ABS. Speaking of ABS, the brakes are pretty impressive, and along with the tyres, do a fair job of bringing the i10 Grand to a standstill.

A proper review will be in shortly. Watch this space.

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