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14 August 2013

Video: Is this the new BMW M4?

BMW releases short engine note detailing ‘something new’, probably new turbo-sixer…

Vijay Pattni
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BMW has released a short teaser video of a man in glasses toying around with a car. That car then revs its engine, and the strapline reads "BMW M is preparing something new".

Is this ‘something new' the upcoming engine note of the BMW M4? You'll no doubt remember recently collared some BMW officials and got some very interesting information about the M3's replacement; that it'll get a turbocharged straight-six engine, that it'll be lightweight, and that it'll be quite hardcore.

At the time, we were promised a "focus on lightweight engineering"; about driving performance rather than simply bolstering power to massive levels. As such, expect a modified version of the 435i's turbocharged straight-six 3-litre petrol engine, producing somewhere around 450bhp. Oh, and the head of BMW's M Division told us this new car "will have one of the best engines we have ever done".

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? But, erm, does it actually sound exciting? Have a watch of the video below and let us know. Of course, we need to hear it properly, but if this is the new M4, what do you think?

BMW tells TG about upcoming M4

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