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16 August 2013

Ford Everest concept previews next-gen Endeavour

The Big Oval shows us what the upcoming Endy will look like with the new Everest concept

Amaan Ahmed
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So, as it turns out, Ford isn't entirely pulling out of Australia. Even though it will shut its manufacturing plants down under by 2016, Ford CEO Alan Mulally has reconfirmed Ford's commitment to the Aussie market by promising 11 new cars by 2017, and by unveiling this; the new Everest concept.

Revealed at a "Go Further" event, this designed-in-Australia Everest concept is actually quite important to us Indians too, as this, in essence, previews the styling direction for the next-generation Endeavour. This concept will eventually develop into a global production model, much like the new Fiesta and the Ecosport, and by the looks of things, that shouldn't be too far away. With proper headlamps, wheels and a grille lifted straight off the Ecosport, this looks less concept-y and more production-ey.

Ford says that the new Everest will set a new benchmark among SUVs and be a tough cookie off-road. What they probably meant is more car-like dynamics (a monocoque, or sticking with a body-on-frame chassis?), a new gearbox, a better ride and specs that should ensure the new Everest/Endy takes the bull (read: Toyota Fortuner) by the horns.

We will report back on further developments but until then, tell us, do you like where this Everest concept is going?

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