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04 September 2013

Launched: Kawasaki ZX-14R and also ZX-10R

It's raining big bikes, and just when we recovered from the Triumph announcement, here is Kawasaki with some good news...

Abhinav Mishra
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It's not the most joyous time to be in India. The Rupee is on a downward spiral, holy men are up to unholy practices, and even Mumbai is not as safe for women as we all thought it was.

But all is not lost! There is some good news coming out of Pune today. Kawasaki (not Bajaj-KTM-Kawasaki), has finally decided to venture into the bike-eat-bike Indian market, all by itself.

What does this show of courage mean for us, you ask? Well, Kawasaki bikes will not have to share (or fight for) the limelight with Bajaj-KTM bikes in the ProBiking showrooms anymore. In fact, Kawasaki will be opening its own set of dealerships, starting with one in Pune from 7th September. But the best part is that leading the charge will be its flagship model - the ZX-14R, along with the litre-class bike - the ZX-10R.

The Suzuki Hayabusa-rivaling ZX-14R is powered by a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled in-line 1441cc engine that makes 197bhp and 162.5Nm of torque. It will cost Rs 16.90 lakhs ex-showroom, Pune. The ZX-10R is powered by a four-cylinder, liquid-cooled in-line 998cc engine that makes 197bhp and 112Nm torque. It will be priced at Rs 15.70 lakhs ex-showroom, Pune.

As of now, Kawasaki is selling all its bikes from their Pune dealership, but it will be expanding to other cities in the coming months, as the manufacturer aims to capture a 20% market share by 2015.

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