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06 September 2013

This is a 400bhp Toyota Yaris

UPDATE: Hybrid-R concept set for Frankfurt Motor Show, tech pinched from Le Mans racer…

Vijay Pattni
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Toyota has revealed its hybrid racing concept for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. When it was teased last week, we hoped it would be a hardcore GT86. It is not a hardcore GT86. It is a 400bhp Yaris.

This monster Yaris will form part of Toyota's hybrid-focused show stand. It gets Toyota's four-cylinder 1.6-litre ‘Global Race Engine' (itself only developed last year by Toyota Motorsport), connected to a pair of electric motors, making it four-wheel-drive.

The HyYaris uses a form of KERS, recovering energy under braking and storing it in a super capacitor, which can quickly deploy this power to the motors for added oomph. It's the same kind of technology we've already seen in Toyota's TS030 Le Mans hybrid. Here's hoping it sounds even half as delightfully intergalactic as that racer...

The Yaris boasts with two different driving modes, one for road and one for the track. Don't expect this monster to appear in your local showroom anytime soon - it's a showpiece for Toyota's hybrid tech.

Still, if Toyota did build a 400bhp hybrid Yaris for production, would you be tempted?

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