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09 October 2013

VW Vento 1.2 TSI around the corner

Vento gets a smaller heart, but goes even faster and sips easy thanks to the technology-laden 1.2 TSI engine

Girish Karkera
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Volkswagen is ready to up the ante in the automatic sedan segment. Close on the heels of the Polo GT TSI, VW will now offer its brilliant 1.2-litre TSI powerpack in the bigger Vento. The model, most likely to be christened Vento TSI, will replace the existing 1.6 AT variant, which isn't among the best-selling versions of the Vento.

But do not be deceived by the drop in displacement, because power output will still be around 103bhp, the same as in the existing Vento AT thanks to the turbocharging. The seven-speed DSG gearbox will also be carried over from the hatchback. Going by the performance of the Polo GT TSI, expect the Vento TSI to be close on its heels when it comes to performance characteristics. The car will be faster and more fuel-efficient than the to-be-discontinued 1.6 automatic.

More good news is that the engine downsizing will pull the price down by a bit. We estimate it to be around Rs 10.50 lakh on-road Mumbai.

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