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12 October 2013

Hyundai's zombie-killing Santa Fe

Knives, swords, machine guns and a crossbow: meet the unfriendly Hyundai

Vijay Pattni
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Anson Kuo is a keen fan of Hyundai's terrific warranty package and the smooth, comforting ride quality in the third-generation Santa Fe. This is because for the New York Comic Con, he decided to turn the good-value family SUV into a MACHINE OF DEATH.

With the help of Galpin Auto Sports, Kuo designed a Santa Fe built for the inevitable zombie apocalypse; a nightmarish vision when the Fast & Furious franchise has morphed into a reality television show. His creation was plucked from 82,500 fan submissions on The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app as the ultimate zombie survival machine, and made its debut earlier this week.

Kuo decked out the Santa Fe with urban camouflage, knife blade, an automatic crossbow, razor-wired windows, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminium armour and a muffler silencer.

"I knew knives and blades would be the best bet for weaponry," explains Kuo, "they could slice and dice zombies without releasing any ammunition." Clearly, the big-selling SUV's svelte new bodyshape lent itself to his stabby, slicey ambitions more so than, say, A CHOPPER.

But there's reason behind the choice of a Hyundai Santa Fe beyond a great warranty, economical engines and good driving dynamics. "Basing it on the Santa Fe allows space for extra passengers as well as weapons, supplies, and all the other necessary items needed during a real zombie apocalypse," he notes.

It's all very well, but a bit...predictable. Which is where you lot come in: explain to us, in as few words as possible, your ideal zombie survival machine, in the handy space below. The best entry will get nothing, other than the temporary glow of Internet glory before a zombified Vin Diesel comes crashing through your door...

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