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15 October 2013

Bajaj's new mid-range commuter, Discover 100M

The new Bajaj Discover 100M will sit between the Discover 100 and 100T...

Abhinav Mishra
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The commuter bike segment seems to be an ever green spot in the Indian market. With the premium 150-200cc bike not doing the money making numbers (thanks to the economic slow down), focus has shifted back to the 100cc segment.

Hero motors showed its refreshed lineup of Splendors and Passions last week. This time, it’s Bajaj with the Discover 100M. Another Discover you say? Well yes, Bajaj is trying to plug the gap between the entry level Discover 100 and the higher priced 100T with this new variant – 100M.

As the 100M is a mid-range bike in the Discover series, it offers premium features like electric start, gas shocks and petal disc brakes (optional, not available in the entry model). On the engine front, the 4-valve 100cc DTS-i motor has been detuned make 9.3bhp (1bhp less than 100T) and 9Nm torque.

Bajaj claims that the higher power figure, when compared to the competition, makes the 100M easier to ride in traffic while still having a top speed of 95kph. This should make the bike easier to ride in the city and highway. As for fuel efficiency Bajaj claims the 100M will do a mileage of 84kpl, which surely we have to put to the test once we get our hands on the bike. Though the overall package is attractive the only grouse we have is the 100M comes with one less gear (4-gears) than the Discover 100T to keep costs in check.

The Discover 100 M is priced at Rs 46,000 for the drum brake variant, while the disc brake variant is priced at Rs 49,000. Both prices are ex-showroom Delhi. Think Bajaj can successfully take the middle ground with the Discover 100M, TopGearers? Talk to us in the comments below.

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