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28 January 2014

It's the facelifted VW Polo!

Volkswagen's supermini has undergone a mid-life cosmetic surgery, and it seems to be a job well done

Amaan Ahmed
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The fifth generation of the Volkswagen Polo has been on sale worldwide for about four years now. It still looks good, the Polo, but after all these years, it's time to freshen things up a bit. So, Volkswagen has wielded its Messermeister to give its premium hatchback a mid-life facelift, and make it even more Golf-like.

As you can see in these pictures, the facelifted Polo gets new headlamps, which can, in a first-for-its-class move, be equipped with LEDs as an option. The front bumper is new, as is the grille, and a widened airdam sits underneath a string of chrome joining both foglamp housings. The tail-lights have been tweaked a bit, and the rear bumper is a new unit. A total of five different alloy wheel designs are on offer as well.

The Polo's cabin is now home to a new steering wheel, along with a refreshed instrument cluster, and revised controls for the aircon.  The centre console also features a new Golf-ish touchscreen-operated, proximity sensor-equipped infotainment system. The car in these pictures gets seats upholstered in leather and suede, but rest assured, we'll still get our good ol' Livon fabric examples here in India.

There's more Golf that's happened to the Polo - there is a whole bunch of safety features that the little one has borrowed from the big one, which include Driver Alert System and Front Assist (uses visual and acoustic signals to warn the driver, and slows the car down in case of an impending crash), City Emergency Braking (works when the car's doing less than 30kph), cruise control, and a standard-fitted automatic 'Post-Collision' braking system which applies the brakes after the car has had a collision, to ensure it doesn't spin out of control and take out a few pedestrians.

When it comes to the engines, Volkswagen has decided to replace the 1.2-litre petrol three-pot with a smaller 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, available in 59.2bhp and 74bhp guises. The diesel engine, on the other hand, has been upsized to 1.4-litres, and will come in 74bhp and 89bhp versions. VW claims these new motors are up to 21 per cent more efficient than the mills they replace, but in any case, we expect VW to stick with the current engine and gearbox line-up for India.

Abroad, the Polo will also be offered with optional 'Sport Selection' suspension, which utilises electronically-controlled dampers to provide two different suspension settings. The electro-mechanical steering wheel is now crisper, and more efficient, says VeeDub.

Since it's a facelift, Volkswagen may just bring it to the Auto Expo next month. What do you think of the Polo facelift, dotcommers?

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