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03 September 2014

Two 650bhp Fiats go drag racing

What happens when you put a Chevy V8 in a miniscule Fiat 126? Wheelies, that's what

Hugh Radojev
Car image

We challenge you to watch this video of Taz Racing's wares and not be a little bit enamoured with the concept. Really, what's not to like? It brings together all the romance of titchy, unreliable Italian hatchbacks and some good old-fashioned British ingenuity.

We could drone on about the specs of these super-hot little Fiat 126s, but in the interest of saving time until you press play, we'll just mention the important one: tuned Chevy V8s producing a Mercedes SLS Black-busting 650bhp. In other words, these flyweight Fiats have power-to-weight ratios that wipe the floor with just about any supercar you care to mention.

And here's what happened when the taps opened up over a quarter-mile drag race at Britain's Santa Pod drag strip. The times achieved are impressive. Seriously impressive.

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