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30 June 2011

BMW 1M Coupe drifts at 1,000ft

Video: Jeremy’s newest favourite BMW goes sideways atop California’s tallest building

Vijay Pattni
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This is a video of the new BMW 1 Series M Coupe driving on the top of a really quite tall building in America.

Except the baby BMW isn't really driving, it's drifting. And the building in question is the U.S Bank Tower in Los Angeles - the tallest building in California standing 1,018ft tall.

Clearly, this is a fake. Or is it? You'd have to have parts of your brain removed to attempt such brazen hoonery, or be unacquainted with the physics of falling off something tall in something orangey and mating with the pavement concrete in one slushy, metallic union.

Anyway, have a watch and let us know what you think. And then click here to see the first part of BMW Canada's Ode To The BMW 1 Series M Coupe Which We Can't Call The M1 Because That Was Our Old Supercar.



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