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21 July 2011

SSC announce its Veyron-beating supercar

Looks great, awful name. But there have been plenty worse...

Matthew Jones
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Repeat after me: 'twit-ar-a'. This is what Shelby Super Cars has named its soon-to-be-latest offering built specifically to reclaim the fastest production car record from the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

This is a fine and noble endeavor. After all, the small company's dusted itself off after the SSC Ultimate Aero lost its 256mph record to the Veyron SS's 267mph (which was achieved shortly after James' comparatively miserable 259mph). Now, with the Tuatara it's ready to take on the mighty Volkswagen Group again, and based on previous attempts we wouldn't write them off. The last effort was, frankly, spectacular.

What's neither fine nor noble is the name. As demonstrated by SSC CEO, Jarod Shelby, in this very clip, the correct pronunciation is twit-ar-a. TWIT-ar-a? For goodness sake.


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